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'''Hungry Lucy''' was a dark wave trip hop duo with a female vocalist. Beginning in 1998, they have released four full-length CDs. On Alfa Matrix in Europe (including EU only 2-CD boxset versions) and on Hungry Media for the US. Led by Christa Belle (lyrics, vocals, music) and Warren Harrison (music, programming and production), the two came together when Harrison was asked to contribute work on a Depeche Mode tribute album in 1998. Hungry Lucy is included in numerous compilation releases, including ''Elektrauma 5'' from Triton Records in 1999, ''The Ultimate Electro-Industrial Compilation'' from Alfa Matrix in 2002, and ''Noir - Smooth Female Trip Hop'' from Dancing Ferret Discs in 2003. In 2005, ''To Kill a King'' debuted at #9 on the French...
Alias| origin = Cincinnati, Ohio
Genredarkwave, trip hop
Years active1998–2014
LabelAlfa Matrix, Fishtank Soundworks, Hungry Lucy Music
Associated acts| website =
Current membersChrista Belle
Warren Harrison
Past members}}
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